Our Favorite Links



  • Truth or Fiction - whenever you get e-rumors, please verify them on this site before passing them on. Examples: Madeline Murray O'Hare censoring radio
  • Symantec Virus list - whenever you get an email telling you a friend has infected you with a virus and how to delete it, verify it on this web page or you might actually harm your system.
  • Email Marketing - If you want to start an e-newsletter to connect with your customers, use this link: Emails for Small Business with Constant Contact




  • Focus on the Family- great resources and articles for Christian families, my favorite of which are:
    • Heritage Builders - more ideas for instilling values in your kids
    • Plugged In - movie, music, TV reviews from a Christian family perspective
  • MOPS International - If you are a mother with infants or preschoolers, find a local MOPS group (Mothers of Preschoolers). You can make friends with other moms who struggle with the same things you do while your children are well cared for down the hall.
  • Ted Dekker - my favorite Christian Fiction author. If you like suspense without the immorality of regular fiction, read one of these novels!
  • Operation Christmas Child - Worldwide project for anyone to pack a shoebox with toys and send it across the world to a needy child. It is easy, cheap, and fun!